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Ride your own way with CARDO PACKTALK CUSTOM - the world's first upgradable mesh communicator! Tailor your PACKTALK CUSTOM to your needs and pay only for the features that you are using. CUSTOM brings you a truly personalized unit that fits your style

- DMC 2ND GEN: 2nd generation DMC with unparalleled intercom sound quality, easy pairing, and robust performance. For up to 15 riders at a range of 1.6km/1mi.
- AUTOMATIC VOLUME: Automatically adjusts your sound volume based on the outside ambient noise.
- MUSIC STREAMING: All the music you ever wanted streamed directly from your smartphone. Control, share, and experience your favorite tune on the road.
- PHONE OR GPS: Make calls and control your GPS with a tap of a finger.
- FAST CHARGING: Running out of battery? Get 2 hours of talk time after 20 minutes of charging.
- USB TYPE C: Robust and universal USB type C for easy connections to any device.
- CONTROL ROLLER: Extra convenience and control, all in one small roller.
- IP67 WATERPROOF: Tough waterproof design with 2 year warranty.
- FM RADIO: Built-in FM Radio with RDS automatic selection of the strongest signal - whether you are in town, or in the middle of nowhere.
- OVER-THE-AIR SOFTWARE UPDATE: Update your unit directly from the Cardo Connect App.

Choose your optional subscription package for a monthly or yearly period. Cancel any moment.
- Choose your favorite feature set. Use your Cardo Connect app to tailor your unit with the features of your choice.
- Pay only for the feature set you need
- Switch between packages whenever you like any time.

Package 1: SILVER
Start your CUSTOM journey with an upgraded audio and music experience. Choose your preffered sound profile, share your favorite soundtracks with your pillion, and assign a quick dial number for home, family, or friends.
- Music Sharing
- 3 Audio Profiles
- Speed Dial

Package 2: GOLD
With added Bluetooth support, Gold package allows you to connect with any other Bluetooth intercom system of any brand, including bridging a Bluetooth pillion to the Mesh Intercom. Additionally, the package enables a 2nd device connection such as GPS, TFT, or a 2nd phone.
- Universal Bluetooth Intercom
- Bluetooth Intercom
- 2nd Device Connection
- Music Sharing
- 3 Audio Profiles
- Speed Dial

Package 3: PLATINUM
Like your Custom “All included”? This top of the line package brings in Cardo’s Natural Voice Operation and an all-new Eco Mode. Activating your unit by voice, rids you from the need to ever press a button again. Just say “Hey, Cardo!” and tell it what you want. Your PACKTALK CUSTOM will do the rest. Need more battery time? Activate Eco Mode for up to 20% longer operation.
- Voice Commands
- Eco Mode
- Universal Bluetooth Intercom
- Bluetooth Intercom
- 2nd Device Connection
- Music Sharing
- 3 Audio Profiles
- Speed Dial

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